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it's time now for "newsline." i'm keikikitigawa. shinzo abe and president barack obama are trying to build new life into an alliance. they held a meeting in washington, and they touched on everything from north korea to a wide free-range trade agreement. he and obama agreed on policies and the alliance's free direction. >> translator: i can confidently say the trusting bond in the u.s.-japan alliance are completely restored. >> obviously, japan is one of
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our closest allies, and the u.s.-japan alliance is the central foundation for our regional security and so much of what we do in the pacific region. >> the leaders say they'll take decisive action in response to north korea's missile launches and korean testing. they'll walk together on a new u.n. security resolution and tougher sanctions. abe also spoke about sanctions in the east china sea. japan controls tehe territory bt china and taiwan claim it. he said they would respond calmly to china's challenges and he noted that japan's alliances act as a stabilizing factor. obama issued a statement on the u.s.-led negotiations for the partnership free trade agreement. they say japan or any other
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nation that joins the negotiations will not be required to promise to eliminate all tariffs. abe is under pressure from japanese farmers to stay out of the ttp. later he expanded on the state of japan-china relations in light of the recent tension over territory. he said he hopes there will be an opportunity to hold talks with chinese leader she jinpin. >> translator: at the summit meeting, president obama and a greed to conquer the free waters and establish a labor built by law and not by force. at the same time, japan sign signed -- japan-china relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationship to our nation. i hope china will revisit the principle of strategic and reciprocal relationship. i would like to stress that the
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door for dialogue is open at all times. general secretary pin is about the same age as myself, and as a leader of a nation, i do understand the having to govern a nation of over 1 billion or 1.3 billion people. as a leader of the same generation, i hope to have an opportunity to discuss various issues with him. at any rate, the senkaku islands are clearly an inherent part of japan's territory. but at the same time, i would like to affirm that we do not plan to escalate the problem.
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former japanese prime minister mori is trying to resolve a territorial dispute of russia. four islands off northern japan are held by the russians and claimed by the japanese. mori says he wants leaders to find a mutually acceptable solution. mori is prime minister abe's special envoy to russia. he held talks with vladimir putin and then spoke at the university in moscow. >> translator: if all four islands were returned, japan would be the winner. if both sides agreed to maintain the status quo, russia would be the winner. but such solutions would lead to lingering resentment on both sides. >> mori said exploring an acceptable solution will be the core of political negotiations, and he said he wants prime
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minister abe to visit moscow as soon as possible for the first official summit in ten years. a sporting hero on trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend is free again, at least for the time being. a magistrate in south africa grand bail to paralympic gold medallist oscar pistorius. they accepted pistorius' claim that he shot his girlfriend by mistake, and they said they didn't think he would flee. police arrested pistorius last week at his home in the capital pretoria. they found his girlfriend reeva steenkamp dead there with gunshot wounds. pistorius told officials he shot the woman because he mistook her for an intruder. prosecution said he planned the shooting. they said the lead detective's testimony was untrust wor
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worthworthy. the magistrate set bail at about $113,000. researchers in japan report a significant discovery in the fight against alzheimer's disease. they say they've identified part of the mechanism behind the pathology. the scientists used induced stem cells also known as ips cells. they can be programmed to develop into any typ of cell. associate professor wai led the project at the center for research and publication. he took cells from four alzheimer's patients. they turned them into ips cells to read brain cells. they identified a normal protei cells. it kills other cell biz ps by preventing the development of other cells. the group says it has allowed them to discover for the first
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time how this protein works. >> translator: we believe it might become possible to produce ips cells from a patient and check them for abnormalities before the onset of the disease. >> he says the findings will help the prevention and treatment of alzheimer's. he expects them to play a role in the development of new drugs. it may look like a wristwatch, but it's a computer. i.t. apple has signed a patent application for a computer that people can wear like a watch. the u.s. patent and trademark office disclosed apple's filing on tuesday. it has a flexible touch panel display. they detect the change in substraits and automatically adjust the interface to another station. they also correspond to other
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devices, like smartphones. it followed numerous reports last week on rumors that apple is discovering a wearable computer. tech giant google has also been developing a computer that looks likes a pair of eyeglasses. competition in the emerging field of wearable computers is expected to further intensify. coming up, the weather forecast.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm keiki kitigawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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